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Offering HOPE to the EXPLOITED

4Sarah is a 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based tax exempt organization whose mission is to empower change in the life direction of      women and girls who are adult entertainers,    prostitutes, escorts, porn stars, or victims of     sex trafficking by offering a holistic approach    as well as an educational, emotional,          physical and spiritual support system. 

4Sarah will affect the life direction of women and girls involved in the sex trade industry by offering resources which include; church placement, prayer, aftercare, residential program assistance, scholarships to assist with continuing education, STD/HIV resources, suicide intervention, addiction and domestic violence resources. With the support from our community and churches, women and girls will be inspired to leave the adult entertainment industry and prostitution to become well trained professional women within the community.


4Sarah's Intervention Program connects women and girls seeking to exit the sex industry with a system of care. 

If you want out of the sex industry or if you just want to talk to someone please call.

24/7 Hotline:    470-362-8808 

Kasey McClure 404-312-6793

You may call 24/7, any day or any time.

We are here to help!

Thank you to Discount Mugs that donated 150 Tumblers for our strip club outreaches.


Thank you to Wildeye Designs for donating 16 Glitter High heels to our "Be Fearless" fundraiser dinner event. 

Thank you to Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics for donating items for our     strip club outreaches.

Thank you to Posh Party Supplies for 

donating all of our dinner flatware for our fundraiser on March 1. 


Thank you to Journal Books for donating 200 journals for our strip clubs outreaches to exploited women and girls. 


Thank you to Epromos for selecting 4Sarah as their Charity of the month  winner of $500 worth of merchandise.


Thank you to GetWristBand for their donation of 250 wristbands with 4Sarah's

logo and hotline number.